Chicago Sunsets


Sunset 9/29/05

I looked to see that the sky was filled with whispy clouds and this ended up as one of the nicest sunsets since Nov. 2004 Enjoy!

These are all in a timeline...and the sun takes about 12-15 minutes to go down....

This is off my deck facing North (note-incoming plane to O'Hare and light strip off center to the left (Wrigley Field)

The time span here is about 3 minutes (local Hooters and lights at Wrigley) -sun on the highrises on the Northside

To the South - Sears Tower, UBS building

Departure from O'Hare

A favorite..

It's down.....

My Favorite.....

If you are interested in any of there photographs and wish to use them in any of your publications, please email me. Also, contributions are accepted as well using the "Donate" button on my blog.

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