Chicago Sunsets


Looking into the Western Sky...

Here we are in Chicago with the weather heading back into the 20's and 30's. It is crisp in the air and the weather is cooperating with us for a fantastic end of the day. Enjoy.

A little to the right with some beautiful colors beyond the Merchandise Mart, Chicago.

Last picture featuring some radiant colors. Goodnight from the Windy City. Thanks for stopping by.
If you didn't get a chance to visit "Please Make Rice, I love you" last week from our Renter -Lauren - here is your chance to see some great photography. Her recent entry on the bronze statues are fantastic. To visit, click here.

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A beautiful shot from Lauren

This is a nice entry of what great kind of photos you will see at "Please make rice, I love you."
Click on the thumbnail on the right and check her site out.
Thanks Lauren!

I have some pictures that I will post tomorrow if the weather keeps up it's nasty ways. It snowed in Chicago today.

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Visitor update!!

I was looking at how my visitor from "Please make rice, I love you" was doing for traffic and the numbers aren't that great with all the traffic that we get her at Chicago Sunsets. I am going to ask that everyone that visits this weekend to please click on the thumbnail on the right and check out her site. Lauren has some great photography and also some very fun home made videos. Take a look and have a great weekend!

I will have yesterdays sunset up in a little bit, it was an amazing one as well.

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Thursday evening in Chicago...

Another end to a beautiful day in Chicago. Enjoy.
Nice glow from behind that highrise. Whispy clouds as well.

Just a beautiful glow, one that needs to be experienced in person.
Come to Chicago and check it out for yourself Just make sure that you
look West!

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A nice night in Chicago...

Finally a clear sky and a decent sunset to show. Enjoy a little of Chicago today from my view!

Sears Tower, sunset reflections, and steam from the offices downtown.

This is an East view with the building with the blue sign on it being The House of Blues, Chicago. The brown castle style building is the famous Harry Carry's (Holy Cow!!).

...and another perfect glow on the Western front. Goodnight from Chicago.

Please don't forget to stop by and see some great photography from my East Coast friend Lauren at "Please make rice, I love you." Let her know that you saw her here at "Chicago Sunsets."


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Attn: Blog-o-Sphere, make room for Lauren, she has lots to share!

I would like to introduce Lauren from "Please make rice, I love you", a blog that has some great photography from the East Coast. If you want to know why she named the blog that, make sure you ask her in the comments on her blog when visting, She will let you know. She is very witty in the short time that I have been speaking to her through the web chat module. Oh yeah, did I tell you yet that she and her friends have produced some great videos to watch on her site? She has and I must say, you will learn a lot from her and see her vision through the camera lens. She is creative in all aspects and for someone that is (my word) super cute as well-you wouldn't expect to see her as a landscaper. She is! So check her out and leave a comment and let her know that you saw her at Chicago Sunsets.

Thank you Lauren for being on the blog this week and I hope to show a photo or two through this upcoming week as a preview of what you have to share.


-------------------------->>>>>She is over there----> Renter!

Now click away and show her some traffic, you won't be disappointed!

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Hello help desk ...calling Georgia for a girl called Dizzy...

My friend Gennie a.k.a (Dizzy) from the blog-o-sphere has assisted me today with the "fill in post" of the day. The weather here isn't helping in great shots, so please take a minute to thank her at her blog by clicking here. She also will make you a great template for your blog as well for not a lot of mula!

Tell her that you saw her here at Chicago Sunsets.

Tybee Island at dawn.

Gennie, thanks for assisting today and hope that you join us again!


P.S.. I have an awesome renter coming on tomorrow, and she is a great photographer as well. I am hoping to show some of her work here and increase her traffic this week. Make sure you stop back to see "Please make rice. I love you!", that is the name of her blog.

See you tomorrow!

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Thursday Fill in...

Keep your fingers crossed for better days ahead in Chicago! All I need with this picture is a beach chair and a ice cold beer.

Take care-Chris

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Sunday afternoon 1/15/06

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend and got a chance to relax a little. These are some shots that I took while watching the Bears get beat by the Panters here in Chicago. For more information on NFL playoff scores, click here.

Great looking sun rays peaking through the clouds.

Photo untouched...just awesome

Upper rays after the set. (notice the clouds look like they are dripping on the right.)

A favorite shot of the day.

Chris Kulturides
Please leave a comment and if you are a member of, please review my site and leave a comment there.
Thank you.

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Mid Afternoon - Chicago

This is a mid afternoon shot around 3:30 CST yesterday. I like this shot because of the rays of light coming through the clouds. Enjoy!

Chris Kulturides

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Back in Chicago...

Well, it is nice to be back home and just about settled in again. I did catch this yesterday as the clouds were rolling in. Enjoy

Chris Kulturides

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Moon tide and strong surf...

I will be returning to Chicago on Saturday and wanted to show everyone what it looks like the evening before a snow storm and what it looks like when the weather forecasters miss the mark.

I woke the next day expecting the 6-12 inches of snow, and this is what was there...nothing.

With the exception of the nice sunset the other day, weather in New England has been overcast and raw...not the best weather.

Don't forget to click on the thumbnail of my Renter-Stacie from "Mommy's Busy, Take a Number" on the right sidebar...come on everyone click it.
Do it, do it, ...

Take care,

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From the Eastern Coast of Massachusetts

As most of you know, I am spendig a few weeks back home in Massachusetts. My parents live in a small coastal community that has a bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. These are some pictures that we taken over the weekend of a beautiful sunset on the bay and from the yacht club. Enjoy.

This is on the Bay side with the tide going out and the clam diggers located on the left hand side.

From the Yacht Club.

My favorite in this group. Thank you for visiting and please leave a comment. They are always welcomed.

Chris Kulturides

**Please take a look at out newest Renter-Stacie from "Mommy's Busy, Take a Number", she is located on the right side. Click on her thumbnail and pay her a visit please.

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