Chicago Sunsets



Ever since I moved to Chicago I can honestly say the sunsets here are some of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. I titled this "untouched" because the pictures that I take from my balcony are untouched and all natural. I hope that you enjoy these and please leave me a comment.

Please click on picture for a larger view.

I have to say that I have seen my pictures around the web and I would appreciate it if you would at least link back to my site for credit.

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon.

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A Sunset on the run...

As I was headed out the door and this is what I got on a Thurday night, 2-24-06-Chicago. Enjoy and click on them to make them larger.

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Hello all,

Just 6 hours left on Chicago Sunsets to link over quick to Suki's blog.

Also, check back later tonight because it is a great afternoon here in the Windy City and it looks like we'll have pics today as well.

Thanks and go click now and show her some love.


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Rays of light and great colors...

Fantastic colors in the sky and peeping rays of lights shining through made for a nice afternoon in Chicago.

Here is the wide view. Click on either picture for a larger view.

Thank you for visiting and please click on "Captured" a great photo blog from our friend Suki.

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A weekend of cold weather and nice sunsets

Hello all, I have one good picture to share from last night and a few from tonight's awesome sky.

Here they are:

This is from today, Sunday around 5 o'clock.

Just a tad darker and such a great looking sky.

(Click on all images for a larger view)

This is a keeper and one of my favorite pictures that I have taken recently. I lowered the light coming into the camera and caught the sky as it was changing. I hope you enjoyed this series and please be sure to tell a friend or 2, or 3...
Thank you for stopping by! Chris

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Don't forget our friend Suki @ "Captured" on the side bar. Pay her a visit by clicking on her thumbnail.

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Sweet Sunset in Chicago...

For two nights in a row we had the similar sunsets. This was a beautiful glow and I am hoping for many more of these.
(Click on picture for larger view)
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Off to the Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, CT.

With the weather not cooperating in Chicago, I have dug into some of my favorite pictures of things "other than sunsets." These were taken at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT. If you are in the area this is a must see. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy. (Baby croc on turtles)

This picture seemed like the "group meeting" was going to take place. One minute the area was empty, and a minute later they all came out and gathered for the "meeting.” There is always a stubborn one in the group.

This is a favorite and one that I use as "wallpaper" on my computer all the time. I love this shot and feel free to use this for your own computer wallpaper. I hope you have enjoyed some of my trip to Mystic Aquarium; it is such a great time. (Let's hope for better weather in Chicago for more sunsets!)

Click on all for larger view.

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Guest post from Rob at "Robservations"

I would like to thank RobT for assisting in this "guest post" today after having such poor weather (snow) in Chicago. This picture is the sunrise over Sweden. Thanks Rob for the fill in. You can check out Rob's great blog and new design by clicking here! Check out some of his great photographs in the sidebar and also his nice writings of what is on his mind and the places that he travels to. Welcome back to the states Rob. Enjoy!

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Chicago Sunset - 2/7/06

It just seems like this was painted with a brush, it was just amazing. Enjoy.

(Click on images for larger view)

Check out the sun coming through the apartment building. Have a great night and thank you all for visiting.

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Yesterday and Today - Chicago, IL

Thurday night produced a line that seemed to go for miles to the right of this view. It was great timing to catch this because after it went down, it was just a cloudy late afternoon in Chicago.



Tonight was very neat. We had lots of storm clouds that didn't produce rain or snow despite the fact that it was cold enough for snow. This is a break in the clouds around 5 p.m. To the right it was dark as night on the Northside of Chicago above Wrigley Field.

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Thank you email from a visitor

This is a fantastic email from a visitor to Chicago Shunsets. I am please to publicly say "Thank you" to Omar for his kind words. Please, if you have comments on Chicago Sunsets or other sites that I publish, please send them to me.

(Please click image for larger view)
Thank you again Omar for sending this email. It was very kind of you and I am pleased to see that we are reaching out to places far away from Chicago.

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In honor of National Wear Red Day...

Chicago's Merchandise Mart isn't just making us aware that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, they are making us aware here that Febuary 3rd is National Wear Red Day to support the #1 killer of Women-heart disease. Support this national campaign and wear red on Friday .

Chicago's Merchandise Mart

Chicago, IL


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