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What a great weekend in Chicago. I decided to stay here instead of heading home for the long weekend because of some medical reasons. I am glad that I didn't head home because some of the pictures that I took were amazing. Enjoy and please leave a comment, even if is a short one or to tell me that you stole a shot for your wallpaper to your desktop. :)

A little closer...

Looking Northwest.

Love the purple and blue mixture here.

I was having some fun with the "inferred" feature of Picasa...

In Chicago we have great alignment of the clouds for dramatic sunsets. This picture and the next are very cool.

Hope you enjoyed the set. Check back often and be sure to add us to the Blogroll or your favorites. Better yet, subscribe to a feed and never miss a post.

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" Friday Night Lights "

This was a great night and has many different variations. Some of the last pictures are really great to see how they turned out. I also like the clouds and the colors that were reflective from the sun. Enjoy.

Love the blue hue and the yellow.

After sunset.

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge any that you like.
Sears Tower and the top of the Merchandise Mart. What a great sky it turned out to be. I hope that you enjoyed your weekend and I will be back this week, weather permitting.

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"All Seasons" V.1

This was a crazy day. I want to take you through all the seasons here in Chicago. It was cold, it was hailed (snowed) and it was windy. We also had a fire on the west side due to the weather. Check out the time line and how the day ended up.

Here is the hail that was coming right at me and at one point, I had to go back inside. It was coming at me on the deck, so I took cover.

Looking West and it almost looked like a tornado was coming down the commuter train tracks.

Sun rays coming through...

Fire on the West side...

...and then sunshine. Amazing.


I like this picture the best because if you click on it you will see the highrises that are located in the community to the Northwest of Chicago. I hope that you enjoyed the photos.

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Ruby Tuesday

This was from last night here in Chicago. The cloud formation was wild and I love the fact that the sunset was set below that great long cloud that looked like a mountain in the distance.

This was about a 1/2 hour after the sunset. I hope that you enjoyed this set and I think that we might have another one if the thunderstorms hold off. Take care.

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Can you touch the rain clouds...??

I know that their hasn't been a post in a while, but the weather has been miserable and not much worth shooting. I have some pictures that I have taken that I will use for fill-ins in the future. This set is kinda cool because directly in front of my balcony were rain clouds that are present in the first few pictures. The sunset was nice because it fell into a cloud that was above the land line. Enjoy and it's nice to be back.

You will see the dark cloud above that stretched for miles to the north.

One of my favorites of the set. Thanks for visiting and please comment.
(Please click on any to enlarge)

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