Chicago Sunsets


4th of July Tribute...

The Merchandise Mart showing its colors for the 4th of July weekend here in Chicago.
The red, white and blue on the top of the building in the background is the LaSalle Bank headquarters.

Please click to enlarge. This was taken at 1600 X 1200.

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"Untouched and Amazed V.4"

This is "Untouched and Amazed V.4", a series that I started in the past year of having this site up. I have taken around 3000 photographs of the sunsets in Chicago. I will say that this started out dull, and amazed me that I had to keep going back to get the camera. Thanks for visiting and please check out my renter "Dark Marcy's Attache' " The thumbnail is located over there --->> on the right! Great blog and a must read!

(This is 14 pictures long and all pictures were taken in 1600X1200 so they look great when you click on them!)

Please click on this picture (below) to see the 2 birds in it and a plane taking off from O'Hare in Chicago in the distance.

Please click on any picture to ENLARGE it.

Thank you for stopping by. As I have indicated in the past, if you are going to use my work, please give credit under Creative Commons. If you would like to use ANY of these pictures for your desktop or for home use, at least leave a comment. Thank you.

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Saturday Post & New Renter...

Just a quick note that I will be posting an amazing set of pictures on Saturday. Just amazing!

Also I didn't want the bids that I had on Chicago Sunsets expire so we have a new Renter -- Dark Marcy's Attache' -- located on the right sidebar. Check it out.

It's midnight and I don't want to turn into a pumpkin, so I am off to bed..night all.

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A "hole" lot of sunshine...

This started out as one HUGE cloud with what looked like a very small opening. I was thinking that their was no way that the sunset was ever going to happen. I was wrong. Enjoy!
(It's long, 15 pics-I took over 60!)

(above) A view to the left....

(above) ...and to the right. This covered the entire sky.

This is where it gets good!

Wide angle...

Here it is, and it is awesome.

Have you noticed the huge hole in the clouds that came out?

Love the blue clouds.

The End. (If you think this was cool, wait till you see what I captured tonight. It will be out tomorrow. Come on back ya here!)
Here is a hint..Untouched and Amazed..yep!

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" A Yellow Glow..."

This was a cool sunset and it developed nicely as it ended. I like the yellow in the clouds on this shot.

This cloud arrangement stayed for just about the entire time, even though the wind was present.

Just a huge glow here...through the lens it reminded me of a sunflower.

Please click on any picture to open and enlarge. I want to thank everyone that has either left a comment or emailed and said they like the panoramic shots for their desktops. I hope you continue to enjoy the pictures and please turn a friends on to us here at Chicago Sunsets.

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"On a hazy afternoon..."

This was a hot and hazy afternoon and the sunset proved it. It was almost like the atmosphere created a matte finish on the pictures automatically. The colors were gorgeous and the clouds were set up just perfectly for this afternoon sunset. This is a set of three because it all taken within 5-8 minutes. Enjoy.

This was a cool looking sky with the clouds whisping from side to side and the straight lines that were present.

(Please click on all images for a much larger view)

Colors here were great after the sun just disappeared. It is so nice to watch these from almost the highest floor in my high-rise. I just resigned my stay here and will be here through the summer and into the fall. So the sunsets will keep on coming. If things change, I will let you know in advance. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend.

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"Sneak Attack"

This was the sunset that was set up as a "sneak attack." It was sunny during the day, then it cooled down, and then this red ball appeared under the clouds and it looked their was some electricity around the sun. Enjoy.
Wider view...

Going down and very red...

(Please click on any picture for a larger view.)

This was awesome. Such a cool glow under the sun from the picture and the cloud formation above is stunning. I love it and I hope you did as well. Thanks for stopping by and if you have a sunset picture that you would like to have posted her for days that I may need a fill in, please forward them to All photos will be considered. Thank you.

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"Sweet Set..."

First off, I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments and the nice emails that I receive on the pictures that I take in Chicago. I will tell you that I am hesitant to put up just a few, thinking that they won't be that good as the "Untouched and Amazed" series. Well, here goes and I hope that you like these. I did a nice panoramic shot at the end for anyone that wants to add it to you desktop and arrange your icons either above or below. Enjoy.
Nice glow...

These are the only clouds that made it in for these shots...

This is the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The colors were amazing in person as well. It was a blue hue and the apartment building in the background had a sharp reflection on it from the sunset.

I hope that you enjoyed the set. Thanks again for stopping by and comments are always welcomed!

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"Untouched and Amazed" V.3

This is another installment of "Untouched and Amazed" Volume 3. The sky changed so many great colors and I wish that you were here in to see it in person. Enjoy.

This was cool because it looked like smoke from the sun after the set.

Wide view and sky became brighter.

A multi-colored sky.

Then within minutes the sky opened up and the colors were beautiful and breath taking to say the least.

Wider view of the Northwest sky.

...and a close-up. I was amazed at the colors that were present here. Their were blues, browns, bright reds, and of course the collage of all the colors in the end. I have another sunset that will go up in a few days that is "glowing" to say the least. I hope that you enjoyed the set. Remember, if you are going to use my work as wallpaper on your computer, be kind enough to leave a comment on the post. Thanks for stopping by.

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