Chicago Sunsets


Be Back in 2006, Happy New Year

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Happy New Year-See you in 2006


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Back home...

East Coast.....Massachusetts


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A Beauty...

This was a sunset that was going to be great. You could just tell. It didn't prove me wrong. Enjoy.

From that to this in 5 minutes...

...and it gets better

I would like to wish all the new and returning visitors a Happy Holiday season and a safe New Year. I will be back in my neck of the woods (Boston) for 2 weeks starting on Saturday. I hope I can get some nice ocean shots of the Atlantic for my friends in California, Ohio, and Indiana (you know who you are) and for my visitors from around the globe.

Chris Kulturides

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Cloudy in Chicago....and wish I was here...

Chris Kulturides

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Saturday 12.17.05

This was beautiful tonight. These pictures were all taken within 10 minutes. Enjoy.

This was beautiful and reminded me of a post just a few months ago. This reminded me of a summer sunset with the colors that were presented.


Have a great weekend.

Chris Kulturides

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From a friend in Massachusetts

My friend Sarah from back home emailed me this photograph for the blog.
She is from just outside of the Boston area. She is now in Hawaii (jealous) and I am hoping that she brings us back some additional sunsets for all of us to see.

Photograph courtesy Sarah Brides

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It is freezing here in Chicago...sleet and freezing rain. I figured that this would be a day to warm you up with a fill in on a "wasted Wednesday." Enjoy.
Photo by Kenny Viese

Chris Kulturides

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Sunday 12/11/05

What a great sight today here in Chicago looking West. It was beautiful. Enjoy.

Chris Kulturides

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Day late and a dollar short....

as the saying goes.....

These are Friday's sunset. All day and as of now here in Chicago, it is snowing again. Have a great rest of the weekend. Thank you for stopping by and please comment on the new layout for "Chicago Sunsets." Enjoy!

Chris Kulturides

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Change of heart...for the better, we hope

Chicago Sunsets has gone through another overhaul during the past couple of days and I wanted to welcome everyone to our "new look." This new template has places for a lot of space for information for our visitors. Here is a look at the old (I know that it is what we are today. I wanted to also take a minute and thank everyone that has visited and also the many people that have commented as well. Please keep the comments coming!
I would like to wish a Happy Holiday season to everyone too.

Don't forget that Mike from Ramblings and Rhetoric is on the right sidebar and he has a great blog that contains many different subjects. Please make it worth his "rent money" to stay for the week.

Take care and please comment on our "new home."

Chris Kulturides

(Friday's pictures will post on Saturday afternoon.)

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What a difference a day makes...

In Chicago yesterday we received our first "real" snow storm. I had a chance to shoot some pictures on Wednesday night and also last evening. Here is what a day can happen in a day. Enjoy.

White out...

Chris Kulturides

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New Renter in the right sidebar...

Hello everyone,
I would like to introduce Mike from "Ramblings and Rhetoric", a great blog that talks about all types of topics from a recent bout with his Christmas lights to blogging at work to his shot at writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

It is a great looking blog and the content is fun to read. Please stop by and take a look at a great blog that I stop and read often. --------->>

Thank you for joining "Chicago Sunsets" for the week Mike.

About Mike:
Mike Marinaro

Wendell, North Carolina, United States

I work at a group of radio stations in Raleigh, NC where I am the Assistant to the General Manager and webmaster for our station's five websites. I am married to a wonderful lady, Christine and we have four children and six grandchildren. We are Christians and attend Wendell United Methodist Church in Wendell, NC.

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Today's picture from a friend in California...

(click on picture to enlarge)

I would like to present a photograph taken in Hawaii from a fellow blogger "Seawave."
She is very sweet and loves to chat it up with fellow bloggers in the "SB" Shout Box on I had asked if anyone had any pictures to share on cloudy days and this is what she sent. We thank her for sharing on a "winter day."

Check her out at "Seawave's Soliloquy"

Chris Kulturides

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Two in a row...

Well after a bone chilling day in Chicago, we had our 2nd nice sunset in a row. This wasn't one that I was going to miss. Please feel free to leave a comment or if you are surfing throught, leave a comment and rate my photo blog. Enjoy.

Closer with nice cloud formation.

A favorite.

I adjusted the light here and was the first quarter of the sunset. Hope you enjoyed today's entry.

Chris Kulturides

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12/4/05 Sunday Sunset...

Steam from furnaces exhaust from rooftops in Chicago. A clear sky brings us this beautiful sunset. Enjoy!

After some snow last night, a shot of the "S" turn on Chicago's "EL" Brown Line.

Sunset reflection and a shot of the city and the Sear Tower.

Colored steam...sweet.

Building outlines, beautiful sky's in Chicago...hope that you enjoyed the view.

Please stop back often, because we are accepting photographs from other bloggers for "fill in" days. Those are the days that mother nature doesn't give me a chance to use my camera.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment.

Chris Kulturides

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"Fill in Friday" at Chicago Sunsets

It has been another cold and cloudy day here in the Windy City. There hasn't been any nice sunsets to show for here. I have been in contact with a new internet friend named Kenny that has taken some trips to some very nice places in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. He has given Chicago Sunsets permission to show his work.

I will feature his work on days that we aren't fortunate to have pictures from here.


Puerto Escondido Sunset

Thank you Kenny

Chris Kulturides

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