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Hello help desk ...calling Georgia for a girl called Dizzy...

My friend Gennie a.k.a (Dizzy) from the blog-o-sphere has assisted me today with the "fill in post" of the day. The weather here isn't helping in great shots, so please take a minute to thank her at her blog by clicking here. She also will make you a great template for your blog as well for not a lot of mula!

Tell her that you saw her here at Chicago Sunsets.

Tybee Island at dawn.

Gennie, thanks for assisting today and hope that you join us again!


P.S.. I have an awesome renter coming on tomorrow, and she is a great photographer as well. I am hoping to show some of her work here and increase her traffic this week. Make sure you stop back to see "Please make rice. I love you!", that is the name of her blog.

See you tomorrow!

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