Chicago Sunsets


Amazing what 15 hours can do...

This is the sunset in Chicago on Wednesday night. You will see in the 2nd half of this entry what it looked like at 8:30-9:30 a.m.Thursday. I was told when I arrived in Chicago in November of 04 that you have the chance to see all 4 seasons in a day. I saw 3 in that time and the only element that I was missing was snow. I took all of the rain pictures in a long sleeve fleece because it was cold temperature wise and the rain was cold as well. Enjoy.

Here come some interesting clouds that were lingering for a while after the sun went down.

Nice colors.
This caught my attention this morning... and what a difference from Wednesday eve...

It's rolling in...

Monsoon... I mean you couldn't see a city block when this was whipping in.

Cool colors and pelting rain...

The End
Do you have a sunset that you would like me to post with a link to your site? If so, please email it to and the link to your blog and I will post it and link you up on bad weather days here in Chicago.

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