Chicago Sunsets


"Untouched and Amazed V.4"

This is "Untouched and Amazed V.4", a series that I started in the past year of having this site up. I have taken around 3000 photographs of the sunsets in Chicago. I will say that this started out dull, and amazed me that I had to keep going back to get the camera. Thanks for visiting and please check out my renter "Dark Marcy's Attache' " The thumbnail is located over there --->> on the right! Great blog and a must read!

(This is 14 pictures long and all pictures were taken in 1600X1200 so they look great when you click on them!)

Please click on this picture (below) to see the 2 birds in it and a plane taking off from O'Hare in Chicago in the distance.

Please click on any picture to ENLARGE it.

Thank you for stopping by. As I have indicated in the past, if you are going to use my work, please give credit under Creative Commons. If you would like to use ANY of these pictures for your desktop or for home use, at least leave a comment. Thank you.

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