Chicago Sunsets


Not prepared for the outside elements...

Funny story....With the time change...(Daylight Savings) I lost track of the sunset time. I was in and around the house today and completely unprepared.All of the pictures are taken from the 37th floor balcony or inside the apartment-today I had to go outside. Well, today I well say (shorts) and wasn't prepared to go outside. I threw a pair of pants on and scurried to get the camera batteries and this is what I ended up with. The sky looked like it was on fire! Enjoy.


i adjusted the light in my camera and also turned the flash on and this is what I got....sweet huh?

Start the fire...wait till you see the rest...

I lowered the light here and it worked well with the blue neon light on the left.


I hope that you enjoyed this one as much as I have. Please rate my blog or leave a comment or two. Thanks-Chris

Chris Kulturides

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