Chicago Sunsets


"Untouched and Amazed ver.2"

I mention the Merchandise Mart in Chicago a lot because I face it from my place and they change the lights very often based on holiday's. On this day, they were back to a nice yellow. The lights matched the sky perfectly for this shoot. I took so many pictures, it was very tough to choose the ones for this post. Enjoy "Untouched and Amazed ver.2"

If you open this picture up, you will see what looks like rain in the distance.


I knew the sun had to come out of the clouds, but what it was going to look like was a surprise. Look at this picture that is taken with a flash, and the next one right after this without the flash. Interesting effect the camera gave me.

No Flash.

Great colors in the clouds. I love this set of pictures. I hope that you are enjoying them too...

No Flash, vertical.

Bright glow...

Love the upper clouds. I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did. Please scroll down for the first version of " Untouched and Amazed ." If you are interested in using any of these pictures, please be be courteous and link back to Chicago Sunsets. All work is available for small donations as well. Thanks for visiting -- Chris

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