Chicago Sunsets


"Untouched and Amazed" V.5

Welcome to "Untouched and Amazed" V.5. This is 21 shots long and it was weeded down from the over 50 shots that I took. I will tell you know, the last picture is amazing and all the pictures are in 1600 X 1200 for a great view. If you want to click on them and see them enlarged, please do. This starts out kinda dull...but hang in their.

Here is when the low clouds formed a line and the rays were coming from behind the clouds.

Kind of a halo effect and it's also when everything changed.

Then this...

I love the cloud formation and the crispness or the upper edge.

This is a favorite, because when you open it -- you can see the city buildings in the distance.

Super shot...from dull to this. It is always like this in Chicago.

Wide angle shot and a beautiful blue sky.

One of my favorites above. I hope you enjoyed this set of 21. Remember, if you have sunsets that you would like posted here with a link, send them to along with your blog address. Thank you again for stopping by and please tell a friend.

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