Chicago Sunsets


"No dog day afternoon after all..."

In the last 21 months since coming to Chicago, this is what can happen in an afternoon. In between the clouds and the sun, there was a wicked (that's my Boston coming out) storm and then a sunset that you will see spanned straight West to the coast of Lake Michigan. This picture is of the highrises that line the Lake. These clouds were coming from right to left looking at the picture. Enjoy.

If you open this up, you can see the rain in the distance.

More of a street view here...the definition of the building I live in gives the idea that the clouds are coming from the right.

Then everything changed...

Clouds, exit stage left and the sun disappears about 30 minutes later.

...and out the other side.

After the sun left the skyline, the cloulds turned to blue and here are some amazing colors.

This is the middle of the skyline.

...and to the right

This was unreal and it took a while before it turned dark. The weather turned to 70 and dry and then these colors lasted awhile.

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