Chicago Sunsets


"Sweet Set..."

First off, I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments and the nice emails that I receive on the pictures that I take in Chicago. I will tell you that I am hesitant to put up just a few, thinking that they won't be that good as the "Untouched and Amazed" series. Well, here goes and I hope that you like these. I did a nice panoramic shot at the end for anyone that wants to add it to you desktop and arrange your icons either above or below. Enjoy.
Nice glow...

These are the only clouds that made it in for these shots...

This is the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The colors were amazing in person as well. It was a blue hue and the apartment building in the background had a sharp reflection on it from the sunset.

I hope that you enjoyed the set. Thanks again for stopping by and comments are always welcomed!

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