Chicago Sunsets


"Untouched and Amazed" V.3

This is another installment of "Untouched and Amazed" Volume 3. The sky changed so many great colors and I wish that you were here in to see it in person. Enjoy.

This was cool because it looked like smoke from the sun after the set.

Wide view and sky became brighter.

A multi-colored sky.

Then within minutes the sky opened up and the colors were beautiful and breath taking to say the least.

Wider view of the Northwest sky.

...and a close-up. I was amazed at the colors that were present here. Their were blues, browns, bright reds, and of course the collage of all the colors in the end. I have another sunset that will go up in a few days that is "glowing" to say the least. I hope that you enjoyed the set. Remember, if you are going to use my work as wallpaper on your computer, be kind enough to leave a comment on the post. Thanks for stopping by.

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