Chicago Sunsets


"A Change in Scenery..."

I wanted to take a minute and thank all the visitors that have stopped by and left great comments about my work here in Chicago.

I am posting today to let you know that I have moved, but still here in Chicago. I am going to be changing the format of this site to pictures that I take in and around Chicago.

So, for the time being Chicago Sunsets will be no longer posted on because I don't have the view from this beautiful neighborhood that I now call home.

Thank you again to all the visitors and I am sure that I will hear from you soon.


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"A little bit of everything..."

This was just a day on the balcony that consisted of a nice sunset and some of the things that I saw as I looked around. Enjoy.

This is a departure from O'Hare International Airport. It was pretty low.

A sliver...

Six (6) pink tabletops and a moving cab.

Sweeping clouds

Is it a bull market? A bear market? It doesn't matter when the new Rabbit is just $14,900.. Also I like the one car in the parking lot and the incoming CTA train to the Merchandise Mart station.

A panoramic glow...

Full view.

The clouds are moving from North to South and that is another day looking West from the 37th floor here in Chicago. Hope you enjoyed-Chris

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"Untouched and Amazed" V.6 Lightning

Last night in Chicago, we had some fireworks that "Mother Nature" lit up the sky with. I snapped around 110 pictures and I ended up with the best of the best. Make sure you check out the last one and leave a comment.
Welcome to "Untouched and Amazed" V.6, lightning.
Lighting that lights up the sky.

I love the cloud outline in some of these pictures. You never know when it will strike.

This is at 12:30 CST last night. It looked like daytime. Amazing.

This is a great bolt that touched down not to far away. If you open this picture by clicking on it, you will see what I am talking about.

This is my favorite. Please feel free to click on any of these for a larger view.

Thanks for stopping by, and so much for featuring sunsets...this was just as nice. I hope you enjoyed this set and please leave a comment. Thank you-Chris

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"No dog day afternoon after all..."

In the last 21 months since coming to Chicago, this is what can happen in an afternoon. In between the clouds and the sun, there was a wicked (that's my Boston coming out) storm and then a sunset that you will see spanned straight West to the coast of Lake Michigan. This picture is of the highrises that line the Lake. These clouds were coming from right to left looking at the picture. Enjoy.

If you open this up, you can see the rain in the distance.

More of a street view here...the definition of the building I live in gives the idea that the clouds are coming from the right.

Then everything changed...

Clouds, exit stage left and the sun disappears about 30 minutes later.

...and out the other side.

After the sun left the skyline, the cloulds turned to blue and here are some amazing colors.

This is the middle of the skyline.

...and to the right

This was unreal and it took a while before it turned dark. The weather turned to 70 and dry and then these colors lasted awhile.

Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment. If you want to use these pictures for your desktop, please do -- but be kind enough trade for a comment. Thanks.

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"Untouched and Amazed" V.5

Welcome to "Untouched and Amazed" V.5. This is 21 shots long and it was weeded down from the over 50 shots that I took. I will tell you know, the last picture is amazing and all the pictures are in 1600 X 1200 for a great view. If you want to click on them and see them enlarged, please do. This starts out kinda dull...but hang in their.

Here is when the low clouds formed a line and the rays were coming from behind the clouds.

Kind of a halo effect and it's also when everything changed.

Then this...

I love the cloud formation and the crispness or the upper edge.

This is a favorite, because when you open it -- you can see the city buildings in the distance.

Super shot...from dull to this. It is always like this in Chicago.

Wide angle shot and a beautiful blue sky.

One of my favorites above. I hope you enjoyed this set of 21. Remember, if you have sunsets that you would like posted here with a link, send them to along with your blog address. Thank you again for stopping by and please tell a friend.

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